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What is Team Nicholas?

Nicholas R. Veghts was diagnosed with mixed type Leukemia on July 4, 2011.  After months of treatment at University Of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital, his Leukemia was in remission by Thanksgiving.  On December 3rd, Nicholas was admitted to Comer for a fever.  Within 24 hours he developed pneumonia and an Aspergillus infection.  The next three months were spent in the PICU battling brain bleeds, lung collapses, various ailments and finally Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS).   After 11 weeks of being in a medically induced coma and on two different ventilators, he awoke to continue his battle.  The next two weeks were filled with ups and downs as Nicholas would wake up to see, communicate and move his limbs.  Finally on February 28, 2012, his lungs could take no more and he passed away in his Mother's arms surrounded by his Father and Grandparents.

Team Nicholas was started by a group of parents at his school in Plainfield, Illinois, looking to do anything they can to help the Veghts family.  Through their efforts and the generosity of many families, funds were raised along with community awareness of this little man's battle.  The funds were more than enough to help the Veghts family and thus the family made the commitment to help other families going through similar battles at Comer's Hospital.

Team Nicholas is a registered Illinois Non-Profit Organization operating under title 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

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